Answer – When investing with RKC PMCS, the method is incredibly quick and hassle-free. You will find contact details when you visit our website. Contact to our office and executives and get hassle-free service. In this way, it will take you to the further stages of investment.

Answer – You can find all the details needed regarding the fee structure and the commission rate. You only need to contact with our office or our executives, they will make you all clear. For your information, RKC PMCS charges no fees and commissions except brokerage charges and commissions. It shares only profits which depend on investment.

Answer – RKC portfolio management consultancy service provides full assistance for managing your (DSE) stock market investment. RKC PMCS strategy has been designed to invest in strong and stable companies with good records and truth through a research-based approach. To achieve this target an expert team continuously working on it and getting best from it. There are some other benefits such as:

@ Maximize Profits: RKC PMCS research based strategies helps to maximize profits.

@ Capital Growth: This is one of the principal duties of a portfolio manager. A portfolio manager always looks for the best investment opportunity that appreciates the capital of the investor.

@ Minimize Risk: We realize the investment is very worthy and valuable to you as well as to us and it’s our humble duty to minimize risk as much as possible and maximize profits as much as possible. Our developed trading strategy helps to minimize risk and maximize profits.

@ High Yearly Return: Yearly return is higher because of its exclusive strategies and team effort.

@ 100% Safe and Secured: Investment with RKC PMCS is 100% safe and secured as BO Account and Bank Account Owned by Client himself. Only clients can withdraw and deposit money by his/her own Bank account and all transactions must be made or done by Bank Cheque or Bank Deposit, other forms of transactions are not accepted and RKC PMCS will not take any responsibility for it.

@ Monthly Compulsory Profit Withdraws Facility: Monthly withdrawal facility is compulsory so that clients can get regular benefits from his/her investment and enjoys their investment.

@ Minimize Your Risk & Maximize Profit: RKC PMCS trading stradegy and team efforts helps to keep risk in minimum lavel and  makes profits as much as possible.

@ Can start with Test Investment: Anyone can start with test investment to understand RKC PMCS return ratio, yearly and monthly return percentage, credibility, efforts and services.

@ Can Increase and Decrease Investment Three to Five Days Notice: RKC PMCS investment opportunity is very flexible. You can increase and decrease your investment 3 to 5 days notice. Even full Investment can withdraw 3 to 5 Days Notice.
@ We provide only Trade & Consultancy Service: RKC PMCS provides trade facility on behalf of clients, consultancy services and full assistance for managing stock market investment.

Answer – You can find all the details about the RKC PMCS in our website or you can contact with our office. We understand the importance of being well informed since; one needs to understand all the details. Therefore website and all the article is made to solve all the queries regarding the investment one has to make.